If you choose a city break in Wien…

If you choose a city break in Wien…

Have I told you before how much I love to travel? OMG, I more than love to and that refflects in the way I plan every trip outside our boundaries.

Today I will put down places to visit in Wien if you have only two or three days to do so. I know it is a very short time, but if you dose you minutes well you should have a perfect trip.

First of all, it is best if you can find a plane in the morning to arrive and a plane in the evening to go home, that way you save three full days. Secondly, I advise you to check in into a hotel which is centrally situated. Staying at the outside of the town, even if it’s cheaper, it complicates your trip because it will take you more time to arrive in the city-center.

Down here I have left you some places you can visit in short time:

● The Schönbrunn Palace

The Palace was built in 1696, but was renovated after 1743, because of the siege of Wien. It has 1441 rooms, and only 40 are opened to the public view. In that palace lived the Emperor Franz Joseph with his beloved Empress, Elisabeth (popular known as Princess Sisi), as the Schönbrunn Palace was named as the summer residence.

A very important aspect is that in the Chamber of Mirrors concerted Mozart at only the ags of six.

● The Zoological Garden of Wien – Tiergarten Schönbrunn

With a variaty of aninals, the Zoo of Wien is from my personal point of view, one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. It has species that you won’t find in other countries. You need a whole day to see everything. Starting with the collection of birds and insects, and ending with the pool of the grand polar bear and the pinguins, it has everything: lions, giraffes, elephants and so on and so forth.

● The Hofburg Palace

It is the winter residence of the Emperor and Empress, the Royal Family. It holds three museums: The Sisi Museum, The Imperial Apartments and The Imperial Silver Collection. All of them are worth the visit, it is like a must if you ask me :D.

● The Belvedere Palace

It consists of: the upper and the lower palaces, the Orangery and the Palace Stables. All of them have in common a Baroque park landscape that will leave you with your jaws on the floor. The upper palace it is not actually a palace, but a museum palace. It holds a lot of unique paintings, sculptures and iron gates.

It was the residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

● The Stephansplatz

The Stephanplatz is a square in the center of Wien. It has its name after the magnificent Cathedral, the Stephansdom. The platz has a lot of shops, brand shops actually and it’s so overwhelming.

● The Stephansdom

As I said before, it is situated in the center of Wien, in the Stephansplatz. It is one of the tallest churches in the world. Just entering the Cathedral, your breath slips under your lips and an air of romanesque and gothic just climbs into your head, leaving you in the history time.

If you have after all of these some time you can definetely go shopping on Mariahilferstrasse. But don’t get lost in there!!!

I really hope this article will help you get through those 3 days in Wien.

See you all in the next trip!!!

Kisses :*

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